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Transforming experiences into relevance

At FIMI, we help brands and artists create the cultural currency that’s essential in today’s world. Using our extensive partnerships, sweeping expertise and precise attention to detail, we’re able to produce compelling and curated experiences so global brands and artists can connect with the audiences that matter to them, and build enduring relationships along the way.

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Talent Management

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Who We Are

We’re a collection of curious minds driven to deliver compelling and memorable experiences.

Brian Chirigos is the CEO of FIMI Group
Gon Carpel is the Managing Director at FIMI Group
Sommer Williams works for FIMI Group
Kayla Dunham works at FIMI Group
Trevor Bashein works for FIMI Group
Rachel Wisler works for FIMI Group
Lacey Maly works at FIMI Group
Amanda Bodenstein work at FIMI GROUP and manages Rickey Thompson
Lauren Barsamian works at FIMI Group
Taylor Foster works for FIMI Group
Olivia Klayman works at FIMI Group

The Company We Keep

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FIMI works with Nascar
FIMI works with Espys
FIMI works with Food & Wine
FIMI works with ARMADA
FIMI works with Jimmy Kimmel live!
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FIMI works with WB
FIMI works with Foot Locker
FIMI works for FOX
FIMI works with Lollapalooza
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FIMI works with Veuve Clicquot
FIMI works with Big Beats
FIMI works with Alice and Olivia
FIMI works with Formule 1
FIMI works with Windstar Cruises
FIMI works with Billboard Music Awards
FIMI works with Comcast
FIMI works with Sixthman
FIMI works with iHeart Radio
FIMI works with Tibi
FIMI works with Sobe
FIMI works with Afiniti

What We Dig

Content at the intersection of our thoughts, curiosities and interests. From us and others.