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Masterclasses with Alex Morgan, Shaun White, Dwyane Wade, Rita Ora and more

FIMI curates masterclasses with top athletes, chefs, and musicians where they teach the tips and tricks of their craft. They provide a VIP experience that brands can leverage to garner press, foster loyalty, evergreen content, and for customer acquisition. FIMI identifies common passion points with the target audience, and curates exclusive, multi-day itineraries and luxury programming centered around the participants, their passion, and talent. An example client is Marriott, where FIMI developed their Masterclasses campaign with the likes of Shaun White, Alex Morgan, Dwyane Wade, Rita Ora, Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Christina Tosi, Curtis Stone, and Andre Agassi, among others. From ideation to talent contracting, onsite execution and content approvals, FIMI manages every step.

Project Scope

Experience strategy & ideation
Talent outreach, negotiation, & contracting
Logistics & fulfillment
Exclusive access & VIP programming
PR, advertising, & social media coordination
Talent liaison
On-site management & hosting
Content capture & approvals
ROI & measurement


Increased customer retention
New customer acquisition
Press exposure
Social media impressions
Evergreen content
Increased brand awareness