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Private Chef Dinners & Reservation Deals

FIMI’s wealth of knowledge and relationships in the culinary space has been a cornerstone of our business. We contract, plan, and execute tailored experiences for clients with culinary events and chefs that are unmatched in the industry. Whether it is for their top tier customers, partners, clients, or internal teams, we manage from start to finish these exclusive experiences that typically include:

Chef Dinners – FIMI has curated 300+ private dinners with world renowned chefs, both domestically and globally. We book the chefs by calling them directly, then together we develop what the event components will entail to ensure we tailor to the client’s desires. Our direct and personal relationships with the chefs allow for FIMI to deliver unique experience components that are otherwise unavailable to most.

Reservation Deals – Do you want to have a standing table reservation each weekend on hold for your clients and/or customers at restaurants across the country that are impossible to get into? With our chef relationships, we have the ability to provide such access. Whether it’s a table at The French Laundry in Napa every Saturday night throughout the year, or the same for the Skybox at Daniel in NYC, we’ve done it for our clients.

Project Scope

Industry expertise
Chef outreach, negotiation, & contracting
Experience curation
Logistics & fulfillment
VIP programming
Talent liaison
On-site management & hosting


Unique custom content
Evergreen advertising assets
Brand awareness
Press exposure
Social media impressions
Increased brand loyalty
Increased client relationships