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Verizon Up Culinary Platform

When Verizon decided to launch their loyalty program UP in 2017, they reached out to FIMI for help. Verizon wanted to focus on culinary, and FIMI became the exclusive culinary agency, responsible for establishing the program strategy, management, and execution. Today we source, manage, execute, and fulfill 5000+ dining experiences annually, across 50 cities in the US. This includes market selection, growth strategy, restaurant partnership management, creative, customer communication, and reservation tracking. Over the last three years, the program has consistently provided Verizon with over 90% engagement, reduced churn, increased loyalty, and endless customer testimonials.

Project Scope

Program strategy & ideation
Logistics & fulfillment
Restaurant outreach, negotiation, & contracting
Creative & approvals
ROI & measurement


90%+ target audience engagement
Increased program awareness
Press exposure
Social media impressions
Increased brand loyalty