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Virtual Culinary Series with Stephanie Izard, Thomas Keller, and Bobby Flay

When COVID made face-to-face business impossible, a large IT consulting company connected with FIMI to find an innovative way to keep their clients engaged. We knew a virtual cooking class would be the perfect solution, and turned to Top Chef, Iron Chef, James Beard Award winner and restaurateur Stephanie Izard to host their clients and prospects for an invite-only virtual culinary experience. FIMI was responsible for talent procurement, contracting, platform logistics, talent management and scheduling, customer service, and post-event gifting as a keepsake for clients. The success of the event and positive client feedback has led to additional bookings in a culinary series, including chef Thomas Keller and Bobby Flay. Each virtual event begins with a business agenda or presentation, followed by a fun, interactive demonstration from these world renowned chefs, as invitees follow along preparing the dishes in the comfort of their own kitchen. The virtual culinary series is ongoing, and continues to help them connect with, engage, and retain major clients.

Project Scope

Event flow strategy & ideation
Experience logistics & fulfillment
Talent outreach, negotiation, & contracting
Talent programming & logistics
Talent liaison
Virtual on-site management & hosting


Customer acquisition
Increased product awareness
Increased customer retention
Enhance sales team relationships